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What season are you in?

I've learned so much in 25 years. Starting my 26th year so thankful. I've been through things. Hard things. I've also seen so much good too. Honestly, the good outweighs the bad, but it's just real life... One thing's for sure. When it comes to the challenges, you never "get used to it."

It's a part of life and yet it seems to swipe you off your feet every time as if someone pulled a rug out from underneath you.

I feel like as soon as things seem to be going smoothly, something comes up. I've tried to look at things in a positive light. I try to grasp the "why" even though I don't always have the answers.


Something we hear a lot, but how else do you talk about it?

You have spring where there are flowers and sun, but still cool. Sort of the "perfect" season unless you struggle with allergies like me.

Summer- Where its HOT. At least down here in Louisiana it is...

Fall- (my fav) warm some days, cool others. Side note. I love roasting marshmallows, making smores' and roasting hot dogs.

Winter- here in La I'm not really sure what winter is ;) When we do see winter though, it's wet and bone chilling.

I say all of this to just point out that seasons are different and also so temporary. By time one comes around, here comes another.

Some do seem to stick around longer than others, but eventually they leave.

Right now you are in a season. Your season most likely looks different than mine. Maybe it's tough right now or maybe it seems like everything is put together. If it's a good season or a tough one, they don't stick around forever. Trust me, I wish the good ones stayed forever. Then again, I look forward to the next. That means change, but that also means growth. It always pushes me to be better.

To be completely real with you right now. This season just feels so strange. I feel like it has for a lot of us. So much division, but yet so much unity. In a time where sickness, unemployment, and hate seems to be all we are hearing, it's so easy to be just a little discouraged. I have had to choose to not listen to the lies and to believe that a comeback is coming soon. I can say, I know people personally who have lost their jobs. Many have lost family members. BUT, we're not alone. We are all going through something different, but God is still good and he's got this thing. Faith is what is keeping me together right now. Faith and a LOT of talks with Jesus.

No matter where you are right now, I just wanted to send a little encouragement your way. Hang tight if you are going through a hard time, better times are coming. If you are at a "high" right now, soak up the moments where you can breathe and relax. Let God speak to you through it because when the hard times roll around, you'll know who's got you. God WILL take care of you.

I'm so grateful for each one of you and I love that I get to share not only the good moments with you but also the moments that are just plain hard. I'm here for you and Jesus loves you SO much.

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😍Uplifting words, shining soul ❤️


Camela Jean
Camela Jean
Jan 17, 2021

hi Idol since I heard your Taking my voice back song I have always been following you on Youtube,Facebook and Instagram I am happy to see your website vlog because I can read the story of your song here I am even more inspired behind your songs I feel all we are going through. one thing you got my heart so I will always really follow you I hope your last video u Cried that would be the last Plz,.. seeing you crying to be honest weird feeling because I do not know you personally but it hurts me when I saw u cried I don't need to say this to you to be resilient because I know you are…

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