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Here we go Y'all! Who's ready?! "Taking My Voice Back" is out!!

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Got to start somewhere right?

I've always wanted to start a blog. It's something I've had on my mind for a while actually. I always tugged back and forth whether it was worth it or not. I was like. You know what? I'm just going to do it. Even if it was just to write things out and talk. Hopefully y'all like these blogs. I want to make this as least boring as possible... so here we go!

A little about me.

For those who are new here, My name is Brooke Robertson. I'm a small town girl from Southeast Louisiana. I grew up riding horses and four wheelers. If it was outside, I was for it. I started singing when I was a pre-teen, and I've been singing ever since. I came up to Nashville for the first time in 2017, released my first EP in 2018, signed a record deal, went on tour, and just finished my debut album. PHEWWWW... I'd say a lot has happened, and I've learned so much about myself throughout all of it. One thing I have learned is to be open to learning and growing...Getting out of my comfort zone. I hope you love this record! You can find it anywhere you get music! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I tried to keep it short and sweet :)

Also! Be looking out for devotionals coming soon!!!


Taking My Voice Back- Official Music Video

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1 Comment

Alex Glover
Alex Glover
Mar 30, 2020

Wow this was so incredible and definitely worth it and I can’t wait to see more!!! ❤️🙏🏻🙌🏻✝️

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