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Behind The Song/Devo Series Day 6!

Listen to the song "Gaze" (Click Here)



General Idea/lesson learned:

What’s a world without problems? We’re going to face a challenge or two… or many. Truth is, we don’t live in a perfect world. That’s why Jesus came and died for us.

I think we’ve all been overwhelmed at some point… Stressed out. After a while, if we stay in that rut and never climb out, our problems begin to seem bigger than they really are.

I once heard a message that Louie Giglio preached, and it spoke to me. It changed my perspective on things. We should never Gaze at our problems. We can acknowledge them, hand them over to God and just let him do his thing.

I couldn’t help but pray for God to change the way I see my “problems” because it was too much for me to handle. When we focus on who is really important, our problems become a little bit smaller…and smaller.

Why I wrote this song:

I wrote this song centered around the story of Peter walking on water. I know there are many songs and sermons about this, but this specific story speaks so heavily to me. I wrote this out of a season of my life where things were falling apart left and right. To be real with you, I doubted…because I’m human. One thing for sure, I’m thankful God doesn’t hold that against us. If he did, I would be in trouble. Big or small, God simply cares. He doesn’t want you to take the weight of all your problems. That’s why he is here. Problems and struggles are so real. It’s a day to day fight for some. I wanted to write this song to give you hope and remind you to fix your focus on whats important. Not what is bringing you down.


God I want to see you for who you are. BIG. You are so much bigger than anything I will ever walk through. Help me to have the faith to see that. To see who you are and to walk confidently through my struggle and pain so that I can live my life to the fullest.


Read the story of Peter (Matthew 14:22-34) and I want you to write down what you think was going through Peters mind at the time.

1. Why do you think Peter was tempted to look away even though he saw Jesus walking on the water?

2. How does this story apply to your life? Write down a time in your life where doubt caused pain/hurt in your life. What could you have done differently?

3. Where is your focus right now?


Behind The Song:


I hope you loved this devo! Be looking out for the next one on Wednesday 5/6!

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1 Comment

Alex Glover
Alex Glover
May 08, 2020

1. Peter didn’t believe that God was actually walking on the water.

2.we it hits me hard because I’m the same way when I’m stress out or can’t take things anymore. Well losing my great grandma and seeing my amazing uncle deal with having cancer and still dealing with the aftermath caused me to doubt that there is really a God. We’ll continue believing in God for a start.

3. My focus right now is trying to live my life the way God has it planned.

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