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Behind The Song/Devo Series Day 5!

Listen to the song "Taking My Voice Back" (Click Here)


Taking My Voice Back

General Idea/lesson learned:

Hurt is inevitable. We will be hurt at some point, if not more than once. It's not about the hurt we go through though, but it’s how we respond to it after. Maybe you have been betrayed by someone you loved or knew. Maybe you have been abused too. Maybe something was taken from you. Maybe you have wounds from those times that have not yet fully healed.

With healing comes freedom. Freedom comes from forgiveness. Whatever you have been through. Addiction, abuse, depression, etc, you are not a victim of that. That does not define who you are. You are not a victim to your past, pain or hurt. Jesus already took that for you. Life was not intended for us to walk through it alone. So, we all face hurt-how respond to it makes our story different.

Why I wrote this song:

I wrote this song out of the most vulnerable place in my life. I was sexually abused when I was younger. I went through a dark season of self blame, feeling dirty, and depression. I got to this place where I had a choice. Did I want to stay in this dark place and let nothing change, or do I give this over to God so I can live a free life. So I did that. I let it go. I did bury this deep down inside which made me numb to this for 15 years. It is something I could never erase, but it was something that I never let define me. Fifteen years later, I took my voice back by fully finding freedom when I was able to contact this person and let them know that I forgave them and so does God. When I wrote this song, it was a part of my healing I didn’t know I needed. Taking your voice back comes from the freedom of letting go of whatever you are holding onto that is keeping you away from the life God wants you to live.


Hey God,

Help me to let go of the things that are keeping me away from you. God I want to fully be released from the chains of unforgiveness, depression, anxiety, and whatever else is keeping me from going all in. I want to be free.

In Jesus name,



Proverbs 25:21-22

Mark 11:25

Isaiah 43:18-19

1. Have you ever been hurt by someone?

2. How did you handle it?

-Did you speak up yourself?

3. Do you regret how you handled it?

-What would you have done differently if so?

4. So, What about now, are you ready to take your voice back and be free from the stuff thats holding you back?


Behind The Song:


I hope you loved this devo! Be looking out for the next one on Friday 5/1!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 01, 2020

Hey Brooke these are my answers to your questions above!

1. Yes I’ve been hurt by someone before.

2. By not telling anyone and crying over it, no k didn’t speak up for myself.

3. Yes I kinda regret how I handle because everybody deserves forgiveness, I would forgive everybody involved.

4. I don’t know I’m 50/50 with it, I mean I want to forgive them but I don’t know if I could because it’s along and if you want I could tell you about it, Just massage me on massager if you want?

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