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Whatever Happens Happens

Brooke Robertson, Benji Cowart, Jeremy Holderfield


Verse 1

On my better days

When I’m less afraid

And it’s easy to believe

I’m gonna be okay

When the sun is shinin’

On a bright horizon

Oh My faith is risin’ 

My faith is risin’

My heart can say…



Whatever happens, happens 

I’m with You

Nothing’s gonna happen

That We can’t go through  

In the sunshine and sorrow

You’ve got me, I’ll follow

Whatever happens happens

I’m with

I’m with you 


Verse 2

There are days when I can’t see

Five feet in front of me

And every step I take

Feels like a step of faith

I don’t know where we’re goin’

But as long as im knowin’

You’re right here with me

I don’t have to see

I still believe



Whatever tomorrow holds 

However it all unfolds 

I don’t have to worry 

Because you hold it all 

You hold it all 

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