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Center Of It All

Josh Farro, Rebekah White Williams, Jeremy Holderfield, Brooke Robertson 


Verse 1

I hear your voice

I hear it echo 

Cut through the noise 

Tell me to let go 


Tune this heart to your beat n 

Wake these eyes till I see it 

Oh let your joy

Be the song I know 



Here’s my life, a sacrifice 

Be the center of all 

Only you satisfy 

Be the center of it all

Be the center of it all 

Be the center of it all 


Verse 2

Come with your light 

I wanna see you 

Break off the lies 

Like only you do 


Here I stand, in surrender 

Take these plans, you know better 

Oh breathe your fire, come make all things new 



Like a river, overflowing

Filled with wonder, In all your glory 

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