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Why Are You Waiting

Jeremy Holderfield , Rhyan Shirley, Brooke Robertson 


Verse 1

Come to the table 

Lay all your questions down 

Bring all your burdens

He’s not put off by your doubt

Don’t be afraid you’ve got baggage. I’ve got it too

There’s no surprises he already knows you



There is hope and healing

Love unyielding 

He holds back nothing

Why are you waiting

Why are you waiting 

There’s grace for the shameful

Find joy and revival 

Just come to the table 

Why are you waiting 

Why are you waiting


Verse 2

I promise there’s nothing that He’s not already seen

He knows all your thoughts and His love for you runs so deep

There’s no point in hiding wherever you run he’ll run too

Believe it or not He has scoured the earth for you



In Him there’s forgiveness 

Never judgement

You are all he’s wanting 

So come to the table

He is here and ready 

He calls you family

No more hesitating 

Just come to the table 

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