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The Real Me

Jeremy Holderfield, Chris Clayton, Brooke Robertson 



I try to hide behind the melody
Behind the song that I’m supposed to sing
But deep down there’s more that I can tell you

When you look at me there’s more to see
Just Like a twist to the plot in a movie
Cause this is real life and not a story 

Yeah This is real life and not a story



I don’t have it all together 

There’s some days I wish went better 

Even on my best days I

Get caught up in this crazy life 


I’m not the picture of perfection

Had my fair share of rejection 


I hope you see

The real me 



I refuse the game of hide and seek 

I wanna speak the truth inside of me 

Believe there’s more that I can tell you 


I wanna live beyond what’s skin deep

Show the scars underneath that you can’t see 

This is my life and not a story 

So here it goes this is the real me 



Even though I’m a mess, I’m loved and accepted 

And reminded that I’m still yours 

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