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Jeremy Holderfield, Rebekah Williams, Brooke Robertson


Verse 1

I’m feeling unsteady

As the waves start to rise 

The winds blow to carry the weight that’s on my mind 


You call me out on the water

One step at a time 

There’s no second guessing to see what’s left behind



I will keep my eyes on you

I will keep my eyes on you



So I’ll gaze on the one who’s stronger than anything coming against me 

I’ll gaze on the one whose name can defend me

Whos living within me




Verse 2

When I’m faced with troubles 

I hold onto truth

They get smaller and smaller When they’re next to you



So I’ll run to you

I’ll hold on to you 

Find you as the peace in my storm 

Overwhelmed by you

So in awe of you

Find you in the moment I trust 

Abandon every worry to dust

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