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Perfect For Me

Ross King, Jeremy Holderfield, Brooke Robertson


Verse 1

All the people that I wish I could be

They are wishing they could be someone else

We’re too scared that everybody will see 

All the fragile, shaky parts of ourselves



I keep on tryin 

No sense in hiding 

I don’t know why it’s 

So hard to see that 



I don’t have to be perfect, perfect 

I just gotta believe 

Cause You’re perfect for me 

I don’t have to keep searching, searching

Cause You’re are all that I need 

You’re perfect for me  

Oh oh You’re perfect for me

Oh oh 


Verse 2

Every time I see a picture of me

It's so hard to look past all of the flaws 

I’m too scared that everybody will see 

Who I really am behind all these walls 



I can be so hard on myself 

I don’t know why 

I don’t know why

You’re all the things that I can’t be

And that’s alright cause 

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