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Wait and See

Jeremy Holderfield, Brooke Robertson


Verse 1

If I could go back in time 

Tell myself you will be just fine

Seems like it would save you from hurting

But truth is that you live and you learn it 


Oh I see the tears on your face 

You’re dreaming of a safer place 

You hide it so well with you're smiling 

And I know that you want to stop trying 



It’s not over yet 

Please don’t forget 



It’s making you into 

who you’ll be 

We will make it through 

Just wait and see 


You’re not alone here

You’ll never be 

It makes you stronger 

Just wait and see 


Verse 2 

I see you standing there 

With blue eyes and long blonde hair 

I know that life isn’t perfect 

Just wait and see that it’s worth it


And You look so innocent 

And people will assume that’s it 

I know the wounds that you’re hiding 

Just promise me that you’ll keep trying 



Its reality 

but trust and believe



Where you are 

And where you’re going 

Yeah there’s a purpose 

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